Ann Demeulemeester

Today, I bought my first High Fashion Trousers, and they’re from Ann Demeulemeester.
Don’t get me wrong, the average lad wouldn’t consider my wardrobe affordable; in fact, aside from my American Eagle Flex pants #AEO which I love, my pants can be anywhere from Banana Republic (for work), Zanerobe or G-Star for style or NeedSupply.
The price Usually varies from $50.00 to $200.00.

I’ve had my eyes on these Ann Demeulemeester for a while. I love everything black, so it’s insane for me to think that I would actually dare buying some orange trousers.
Originally, they cost $866.00.. eventually with only 1 trouser left in stock in size XL, they cost $191.00. Finally today, after several weeks of lurking and debating whether or not I should swipe my card, I received a discount code via email.
To my disappointment, it didn’t work. I decided to not give up on the possibility to have it for even cheaper than the posted price and found out via google that by downloading the App and using the discount code Iphone15 or Ipad15, I could get 15% off #fwrd .
I proceeded to checkout, added the code for iphones, and here they were.. my very own Ann Demeulemeester trousers for 15% less than the discounted price amounting to $162.35.Ā Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.33.08 PM.png
If my math is correct, I just got a pair of trousers at barely 18.7% of its original price.
Now this is what you call a steal!!!
I can’t wait to try them one, and style em.

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