I (not so ) recently ordered a pair of FAKE Balenciaga & received it this morning.
They are red, 3 or 4 sizes too small & They look like the real deal.. from far.

After a quick Snapchat review showcasing the distinction between the real & Fake, I proceeded saying “if you want to order some fake balenciagas and not break the bank, honestly go ahead.” In short, I was encouraging taking shortcuts, and honestly meant it.

Until a friend of mine asked me this question: “How would you feel if people bought fake QVINGS?”. I was shook!
However, because backing down isn’t my forte, I proceeded arguing that contrarily to Balenciaga, I would never let a QVINGS item be more expensive than $300.00 for I want QVINGS to be the more affordable brand of it’s mother brand so as to make it more accessible to most if not all.

She proceeded in reminding me that I may think that prices such as $30.00- $300.00 are affordable prices, however not everyone would agree & motivated by my saying of buying fake things so as not to break the bank, I would be encouraging them to make fake versions of my already “affordable” brands. She took the example of Michael Kors & other stores shutting down in some countries because their already affordable prices isn’t affordable for some which leads to fake copies circulating almost freely, and consequently leading to bankruptcy.

I then realized my mistake. As a designer, I always believed that imitation is the highest form of flattery, however as a business owner/Artpreneur imitation is the highest Insult.

FAST Fashion despite the ugly connotation it has is not FAKE. While FAKE Fashion Tries impersonate the real one by imitating the writing & branding so much as looking the same from far, FAST Fashion distances itself by saying “Yes we look like the real one however we don’t claim being the real one; we are still us”.

It’s a very slight nuance, but a nuance nonetheless.
fake vs real

Encourage Fashion, Not Fake!- Maeva Ndimba

What do you think?

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