For the first time ever, I will be attending NYFW. For now I have a ticket to a show on the 9th [ #NYFW is from September 7th to September 14th]. Because of Work, I can only attend on Saturday.
This is very meaningful to me because, As a designer, my brand was originally geared towards Menswear because I mainly shop in the Men’s department.. but eventually I geared it towards being a more unisex/androgynous brand.
Men’s Fashion unlike Women’s Fashion doesn’t change drastically despite the recent dramatic changes. I want to see more daring changes.
I’m hoping I can attend NYFW as an “Industry” participant. I emailed quite a few people at IMG including Phillip Lim. I’d be surprise to receive a positive answer.. or an answer all together, but it doesn’t hurt to try.
I have a feeling deep inside of me that I will take the Fashion industry by a storm someday, and change Fashion all together.

I can’t wait to attend NYFW!
Expect a full coverage of the events I attend.
Currently I have VIP tickets to Art Hearts Fashion & “Industry” Tickets To MarcoMarco
However, I would like to see Rihanna’s Fenty, Alexander Wang & Philip Lim’s show.
It doesn’t hurt to dream. If not this year, next year.

True Art Takes,
Take it all; I’ll take over the world. – L’artpreneur

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