Cottage Cheese Belongs in the Trash

Happy Friday/ TGIF
I hope your day is going well & by the time you read this you’re getting close to getting off work.. (Yes I think about leaving work as soon as I get there.. judge me!)
This morning as I was getting myself some food for the day (eggs, nuts and salmon.. this is not a sex pun), I stumbled upon the infamous Cottage Cheese.
My doctor keep pushing it forward to me to help my weight loss, & when I was still doing CrossFit, the trainer kept pushing it onto all participants as well.
This morning, finally I decided to try it out.
I picked two different brands.. & one of them claimed to not taste like any other cottage cheese (interesting..)

I also picked two different flavors:
-Spicy Mango

As I sat at my desk to start enjoying my breakfast, I decided to try the one that didn’t claim being different first… & J E S U S .. was it bloody awful! I tried another spoon just to make sure however.. & the taste managed to evolve into something worst.

Frantically I opened the other one.. yes you’ve guessed it .. the one who claimed tasting different from others.. one spoon, and AHAH! Yes it did indeed taste different. As a matter of fact I preferred the first one’s taste; this one tasted like throw up.

I kid you not, it wasn’t only the taste, it smelled like throw up too!
I hurried into the kitchen i left those two cottage cheeses where it belongs… IN THE TRASH!

Who created this piece of sh*t? I want to sue!


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  1. Emily Arias says:

    LOL. I love this, cottage cheese is definitely an acquired taste.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olivia says:

      Lol, I wanna know what motivated the creation of cottage cheese & who sat there and actually thought “yes this is a great invention for mankind”. I had to get Starbucks to forget.


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